SIE Soluciones is a spanish company that provides IT support to third parties. In 2017 they launched a new line of digital products called Smart Solutions to help companies manage marketing and security digitally.

During my time there I got in charge of the full re-design of the corporate website. It had to be simple, minimalistic and elegant, and enhance the nature of the new products: simple IT solutions for the everyday business. 

In order to make something complex such as digital aplications attractive to businesses, I chose a number of high quality and stylish images from Unsplash that would catch the attention visually. 

After that, I designed a given structure to each product page to create consistency. The product pages consist of 5 parts: an image of how the aplication looks internally followed by a few characteristics (Software), customer testimonies (Clientes), some simple steps on how to get started with the app (Formación) and then a call to action to either try it 30 days for free or purchase it (Pruébalo, Comprar).